Battlefield 4 Beta Announced

'Medal of Honor: Warfighter' Pre-Orders Come with Access

July 17, 2012 by

With its successful sales numbers and overwhelming popularity, it’s a no-brainer that at some point there would be another Battlefield game — especially after Electronic Arts president Frank Gibeau confirmed Battlefield 4 during a keynote speech at the University of Southern California last November. Although we’ve known for a while that there would be another Battlefield, the question of when has yet to be answered. That is, until yesterday, when EA leaked more information on its status via Origin.

At some point yesterday an ad went up on EA’s digital distribution service, Origin, which said if you pre-ordered Medal of Honor: Warfighter, you’d be granted access to the Battlefield 4 beta. That ad was quickly pulled, but after the internet got wind of it, EA decided to just go with it and confirmed this morning that those who pre-order the Limited Edition version of Medal of Honor: Warfighter will in fact also receive access to the multiplayer beta for Battlefield 4 in fall 2013.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter is set for release on October 23, 2012 and as you can see in the screenshot below, the Limited Edition version will cost $69.99. To get a better idea of what that money will get you, check out the campaign demo and our exclusive hands-on look at
multiplayer from E3.