The Avengers (2012)Extra Scenes During and After the Credits

Movie Details

In Theaters: May 4, 2012
On Video: September 25, 2012
Director(s): Joss Whedon
Production Co.: Marvel Enterprises
Distributor(s): Disney, Marvel Studios
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Website(s): Official Site
Our Review: 4.5 out of 5
Running Time: 143 minutes
Credits Running Time: 10 minutes

During the Credits

There is an extra scene during the credits of The Avengers that sets up a potential sequel. Check out more details and spoilers below.

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The film ends with a closing credits sequence featuring close-up shots of the various Avengers’ equipment and costumes (e.g. Chris Evans’ name comes up over Captain America’s shield, while Mark Ruffalo’s name is over some torn clothing and a broken pair of glasses).

After the graphics, there is an extra half-minute-long scene in which the camera zooms out into outer space, where the Other (the commander of the Chitauri army that assisted Loki in the invasion of Earth) is seen reporting to someone. The Other says, “Humans… they are not the cowering wretches we were promised. They stand. They are unruly and therefore cannot be ruled. To challenge them… is to court death.” At this, the person he’s been reporting to turns towards the camera and smiles. It is Thanos.

After the Credits

The rumors have turned out to be true and there is in fact a second additional scene shown after the credits. Check out more details and spoilers below.

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The extra scene after the credits shows the entire team sitting down after the final battle and eating shawarma. The scene only lasts for about 15 seconds and features no dialogue, just prolonged silence as they sit around tired in a damaged restaurant. The scene is a callback to a joke Tony Stark made earlier in the movie.

Early screenings of The Avengers overseas and for critics didn’t have a stinger after the credits; however, there were many rumors that Marvel shot an additional extra scene around the time of the premiere and attached it to the end of the final cut for its debut in North American theaters on May 4. Marvel did the same thing with the original Iron Man by leaving Samuel L. Jackson‘s surprise appearance as Nick Fury off the original cut that was first screened to critics and the press before the film debuted in theaters. The Avengers‘ director, Joss Whedon, also shot Thor‘s stinger months after the filming of Thor had ended with the film’s original director, Kenneth Branagh.

Song During the Credits

Live to Rise - Avengers Assemble (Music Inspired By the Motion Picture) “Live to Rise” by Soundgarden

Special thanks to Agent Coulson, Adrian MaAlexander Diep, and STorm’n Norm’n for the early stinger submissions!

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  • You know that all the Marvel movies have an after credits scene…

    • The Incredible Hulk didn’t.

    • neither did the latest X-Men, Spider-Man, Punisher, Ghost Rider

    • Adger

      @ Paul Curtin – You are ABSOLUTELY incorrect.  They was a very obvious stinger with Stark speaking with General Ross at the bar, clearly insinuating The Incredible Hulk.  How the F*CK could you miss that ?!?

    • @eb795612b05216c8271e374fe4a08e8a:disqus: That scene was before the credits so we don’t classify it as a Stinger. 😉

    • John Waldum

      All Marvel Movies Filmed by Marvel Studios Have extra content. X-men, Spider-man were produced by FOX not Marvel and thus have no extra ending content

  • Aaron Wills

    Didn’t Eric Banas “Hulk” have a stinger involving Tony Stark and the general? 

    • Nah 2003’s Hulk just had credits like a comic book strip. 2008’s The Incredible Hulk had that scene but they moved it to before the credits so nobody would miss Robert Downey Jr.’s cameo.

  • Sum_sum_sum_M

    im not 100% shure but i think i read online that their is an iron man three trailer after. dont take my word yet

    • Aaron Wills

      Find out in 4 weeks though.  Can’t wait!

    • Xen11

      I highly doubt there will be a trailer even though they are going into production on Iron Man 3 real soon.   I bet there will be a setup for it though.

  • No Name

    I’m just back from the european premiere
    there is an extra scene during the credits
    still no extras after the credits

  • Christopher-s-acosta

    Just finished watching the movie and there is a scene, but you won’t really under stand it if your not a fan of the comics or tv shows

    • Give_me_all_ur_money

      who is the guy? please explain!

    • Runner

      the “guy” is talking about now they know attacking earth would be like facing death or sth. similar…he looked a little bit like hellboy 😛 you could only see his face with a little smile on it from one side. 
      no idea who he is as I don’t know the comics…he was standing on a dark planet or meteor or whatever…somewhere in space it seemed

    • Runner

      ah, the answer is on imdb, in the forum thread to this movie 😉 “Spoiler”

    • Denoje13

      Do I know you. Geek

  • jackdignanfilms

    saw the movie last night at midnight. there is a scene about 2 minutes into the credits with Thanos which will lead into a potentional sequal. There is no after credits scenes.

  • Chrisportlock

    For anyone who saw the movie and didnt understand post creds:


    Thanos is who appears at the end. In the comics he fights the Avengers after his army fails to defeat earth. He has an obsession with literally trying to gaith the affection of “Death” and uses the cube for power (called the tesseract in the movie but thr cosmic cube in the comics.)

    He gets a sort of brief cameo in Thor as his gauntlet “The Infinity Gauntlet” appears in Odins throne room.

    The movie is phenomenal.

  • Kishiro

    Ok, the guy is Thanos BUT! You people maybe missed something on that scene. The human hand of the servant! Red Skull!.

  • Simon Goldberger

    I can confirm from the UK having sat through the credits there is NO extra scene after the credits., I repeat, NO extra scene and that’s in release Avengers.

  • Simon Goldberger

    Bah, it’s not letting me post as Magicmerly for some reason 🙁 

  • Earlewandowski

    there is a second clip after the credits end

  • Nighthawk2001

    USA…USA…paybacks a bitch. After credit goes to the US for having to wait for the release.


    Just got outta of the midnight screening, and Thanos is during the credits.
    After the credits there is another stinger where the Avengers sit in a diner eating shwarma.

  • Zypher

    US Version – There’s a clip after the animated credits and a clip at the end of the scrolling credits. The 2nd clip is short but fun.

  • updated the transcript of the mid-credits stinger; so who the hell is Thanos? lol

    • Tjrieves

       THANOS?! Holy SHIT. If a second Avengers isn’t made or Thanos isn’t the villain, heads will roll.

  • Rock The Reactors

    Iron Man invites the other Avengers to join him at this diner after they’re done with Loki… and they do, in the last scene after all the credits have run. That’s going to make one heck of a poster! Plus, I wonder if the diner is in fact a real place… Stark mentions the name in the film, does anyone remember the place?

    • Rock The Reactors

      Ah, Stark only refers to it as a Shawarma joint… saying he didn’t know what it was, but wanted to try it. There’s a clip on the aeromental website.

  • Lefteye33

    I’m new here, so please go easy on me.  In the clip during the credits, the guy they showed had red skin & bright blue eyes.  So he kinda looked like Hellboy, but Hellboy doesn’t have blue eyes.  All the info I find on Thanos shows that he has red eyes, and blue skin.  Is it really Thanos?

  • 26 people don’t like shawarmas?

    •  Just had it today for the first time. Pretty good. +1

      • Marco

        You don’t say XD

  • Wildcreed

    Shoarma is good 😉 i like (with garlic sauce )

  • Vicky_lion111

    he is not thanos
    he is the red skull
    he was not dead may be what we saw in the captain america movie was red skull transporting through a dimensional portal by the power of the tessaract

    • He was Thanos, not Red Skull.

      He smiled after the alien said that trying to invade the Earth was flirt with the Death.

      Thanos is known for be in love with Death.

    •  Yeah, there’s no question it was Thanos. The giant purple head gave that away =P

    • Brandonhamm23

      It was Thanos he was purple not red.

    • Boogeypop

       You’re stupid!

  • Xen11

    Wasn’t that Dick Cheney?    He’s not done with us yet.   The war was just for show.   Now get ready to get fucked in the ass by Dick.     Better clench up, Legolas.   

  • omg i didnt know about this! omg…f**** my life 🙁

  • Iron Knee

    I’m currently living in Indonesia, and am planning to see the film this weekend.  Anyone know if the stinger is included in the overseas version?  Thanks.

    • Iron Knee

      There’s no final “shawarma joint” scene in the Indonesian print…I’m guessing that accounts for comments above by the Brit and Aussie. We don’t get to watch Iron Man having shawarmas with his pals!

      No great loss, though, as the movie was a big disappointment. Lame. The setup was slow and the inter-hero banter was forced and childish. The final battle seemed like it was staged for kids with ADHD. Still, I’ll probably buy the DVD version just to watch the inevitably stupid shawarma joint scene.

  • HXM

    I have watched it until the end of the credits, but there was no scene… just scene after first credits…

  • Mrhorton

    NO extra scene at the end of the Australian print.

  • As someone else has said, I (stupidly) sat through the entire credits hoping for the 2nd scene, and there wasn’t one (in the UK).

  • lol u

    OK now is it THANOS…or DARK SEID…plz temme guyz..!!!

  • the post credit scene was also released in all countries on the dvds and blu-rays

  • the dvd release of avengers has the post credit scne for countries that missed out on it as well and the countries that got it

  • You forgot the closeups of the main characters’ weapon/costume piece when an actor’s name appears in the first half of the credits.

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