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  • Posted by 2 weeks, 5 days ago on April 3, 2014 1 Comments
    Our Score:
    Winter is coming… in two big ways this weekend. But before you get ready for the long-awaited return of HBO’s Game of Thrones Sunday night, you really should consider checking out the movie that’s kicking off the summer blockbuster season first. Captain America: The Winter Soldier isn't just a great superhero flick; it's one of the best Marvel movies so far. Color me surpri... Read More »
  • Posted by 2 weeks, 5 days ago on April 3, 2014 0 Comments
    Our Score:
    For almost two decades now, series creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have found new ways to keep fans entertained with the ridiculous antics of the town of South Park and their own witty satirical humor. There have already been numerous South Park games over the years that have been met with mixed reviews from critics and fans alike, but it wasn’t until the classic “Make Love,... Read More »
  • Posted by 3 weeks ago on April 2, 2014 1 Comments
    Our Score:
    With Loot 2.0 in full swing and Malthael vanquished from Pandemonium, most Diablo 3 players are now settling into legendary farming. So what exactly has changed in this latest expansion pack to bring Diablo 3 out from the shadows and back into the spotlight? Well, my friend, allow me to tell you about the new mode, new customization, new class, and more that you'll get with Reaper o... Read More »
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