Hands-On Battlefield 4

We Play the 64-Player Multiplayer at E3 2013

June 10, 2013 by

Making a game that looks as good as Battlefield 4 ain’t easy. Making a game like Battlefield 4 look as good in multiplayer as it does in singleplayer is even harder. But making a game with the level of detail DICE has produced in their sequel to the current best-looking game on the market with 64 players at 60 FPS is crazy!

Today at EA’s E3 2013 press event, DICE brought out the big guns by showing off how their visually stunning next game will look at maximum capacity online for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Even with better and better graphics, modern war shooters are starting to become repetitive and boring, but watching an entire skyscraper collapse in the middle of a multiplayer battlefield has got to be the cure for anybody with modern combat fatigue.

Update: We got a chance to check out the multiplayer in a full 64-player match at the show and can testify that it looks and plays just as good as it did when first shown at EA’s event. Battlefield fans should be very pleased.

Check out the latest amazing singleplayer above and multiplayer trailer for Battlefield 4 below.