The Last of Us Story Trailer

Naughty Dog Introduces New Characters

December 12, 2012 by

There’s no hiding it: Naughty Dog’s latest project is what I’m looking forward to most come next year. And with the recent release date announcement that The Last of Us will be hitting store shelves on May 7, 2013, it’s like Naughty Dog are giving me the best birthday gift ever (#shallow). Even with the upcoming Tomb Raider trying to outdo what Naughty Dog has done in the past with Uncharted and Rockstar’s highly anticipated GTAV finally coming out, nothing seems to be as special as what’s been teased so far in The Last of Us.

Previous trailers and gameplay footage would lead us to believe the game would be all about main characters Joel and Ellie alone and fighting for their lives. But in the latest trailer that premiered at this year’s VGAs, it’s been revealed that there are many others who haven’t been infected or gone bad or crazy (yet), leading to the possibility of even more conflict and drama. Check out the latest emotional HD trailer below from Spike’s Video Game Awards.