The Last of Us PAX Gameplay Demo

Naughty Dog Shows an Alternate E3 Route

September 5, 2012 by

There’s no doubting it, the footage of Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us that was shown at Sony’s press conference at E3 lived up to the hype and blew everyone away. After seeing what was possible in Naughty Dog’s upcoming post-apocalyptic PS3 game at E3, the developer dropped a bombshell that the route taken by the player was just one of many unscripted events which could result in completely different experiences for main characters Ellie and Joel.

Not only can different route’s be taken in areas such as the one shown here, but Naughty Dog has said that this entire area is completely optional and all of the confrontations can be skipped… meaning that all of the intense interactions with characters in the E3 and PAX demos, which play out better than anything we’ve ever seen in another game, aren’t even part of the main story of game.

The creators of the acclaimed Uncharted series have clearly stepped their game up once again in their upcoming post-apocalyptic third-person survival action-adventure game that’s set for release late in 2013. Make sure to watch both the E3 2012 demo and the recently released PAX demo below to compare just how different this tiny part of the game really is and picture how many other alternate scenarios could go down between the bandits and Joel and Ellie.