The Last of Us (2013)No Extras During or After the Credits

Game Details

Release Date: June 14, 2013
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer(s): Naughty Dog
Actor(s): Troy Baker (Joel), Ashley Johnson (Ellie), Hana Hayes (Sarah), Annie Wersching (Tess), W. Earl Brown (Bill), Nolan North (David)
Platform(s): PlayStation 3
ESRB: M for Mature
Website(s): Official Site
Game Length: Around 16 hours
Credits Length: 7 minutes

During the Credits

Other than two pictures of the staffs dogs and company’s “mascots, morale boosters, and food patrol,” there are no extras during the credits of The Last of Us.

After the Credits

The “No Matter What’ and “The Last of Us” trophies are awarded based on the difficulty setting, but there is no stinger after the credits of The Last of Us.

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User voting closed due to no extras during or after the credits.
You Should LEAVE
User voting closed due to no extras during or after the credits.
  • RebelGuy384

    just finished The Last of Us, gotta say it was really good, it started sorta slow, but the game just got better and better. Hope Naughty Dog comes out with another game like this one. Good job!

    • VA1N

      No sequel though. The game is perfect in it’s neatly tied up storyline. A sequel would take away from it in my eyes. Everthing, and I mean everything, came full circle and the game was just brilliant. Don’t mess with perfection. We don’t need anything else. I want to see their next world and amazing story, not a continuation of this one.

      • I’d put money on there being a sequel. Today you can’t have something so universally loved and so successful and not do a sequel. Sony has already registered TLOU 2 and 3 domains. Plus with the way it ends.. and this is Naughty Dog we’re talkin bout. If anybody could make it better, they can on PS4. Just like how they made Uncharted 2 such a better game than Uncharted 1.

        • Satonaka CP-Four

          The way you just wrote that, “Sony registered domains…”
          It’d be Sony’s “fault” that sequels exist for this game. Not to say that ND can;t make an awesome sequel, it’s just that this game doesn’t need one really, and we all know this or at least we hope the majority of us do.

          It’s sony’s fault that the game didn’t need a Multiplayer (come on now, did it?!) but it ended up getting one anyway and im sure sony’s meddling had just a small bit to do with it and im sure we’ll at least see a part 2 of this game as well no thanks to them.

          • omar

            This game actually needs a sequel, there are so many questions I asked my self at the end, the game would be better with a sequel