Taken 2 Trailer

Banking on the Original's Success?

June 29, 2012 by

This time there’s no memorable Liam Neeson monologue or quote like his chilly “I will find you, and I will kill you” line that concluded the first movie’s trailer, but Taken 2 still remains as an honorable mention for one of our most anticipated movies of the year. The calm and cool grizzly bad-ass is back for a sequel to the popular action-packed thriller, and that’s all that really matters. However, there are some things I’m worried about.

Luc Besson returns as co-writer and producer, but the absence of the original’s director, Pierre Morel, is a bit of a concern to me. I’ve enjoyed all three of Morel’s films so far (including District 13 and From Paris With Love), but I haven’t been won over by Taken 2 director Olivier Megaton’s track record of Transporter 3 and Colombiana, which had its moments and was close to good, but I might just been tricked by Zoë Saldaña’s hotness. The last time one of Morel’s movies was sequelized with a new director yet still retained Besson’s writing and producing credits (District 13: Ultimatum), it sucked… in my humble opinion.

Considering that combined with the fact another humble opinion that the new trailer for Taken 2, which you can check out below, isn’t impressive, Taken 2 could pretty much be riding on the success of the first movie. The first Taken snuck into stateside theaters and became a huge box office hit with a cult following since, but the sequel won’t have the original’s under-the-radar advantage. Let’s hope we get another pleasant surprise when it’s released October 5, 2012.