Battle: LA Moves West in Battleship Trailer

July 27, 2011 by

All right, so it officially has nothing to do with Battle: Los Angeles, and yes, it’s (seemingly very loosely) based on the guessing board game. But it’s got the following elements that are usually pluses: invading aliens, Liam Neeson, and director Peter Berg (The Kingdom, Friday Night Lights, The Rundown). With a staggering estimated budget of $200 million, Battleship may become one of the ten most expensive productions of all time and is sure to aim for a PG-13 rating for broader audiences. Set to release in 2012, Battleship is another headlining film for Taylor Kitsch (who?) next year, following Disney’s John Carter. Both films’ trailers are slightly too WTH for my taste, but as long as Berg’s new film is more Battle: Hawaii than Hancock, I guess I’m enticed. Also, Brooklyn Decker.