Battleship (2012)Extra Scene After the Credits

Movie Details

In Theaters: May 18, 2012
On Video: August 28, 2012
Director(s): Peter Berg
Production Co.: Film 44, Hasbro
Distributor(s): Universal Pictures
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Our Review: 3.5 out of 5
Running Time: 131 minutes
Credits Running Time: 10 minutes

During the Credits

There is some extra CGI at the beginning of the credits of Battleship.

After the Credits

There is an extra scene shown after the credits of Battleship; check out more details and spoilers below.

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Set in the Northern Highlands of Scotland, the stinger shoes three schoolboys walking in a farm field before discovering a large car-sized alien rock fragment in a crater. They’re joined by a man who arrives in a truck. The man helps the boys pry open the alien rock, revealing a four-fingered hand reaching out… Sequel?

Special thanks to Joe Hollowood for the stinger submission!

Song During the Credits

Fortunate Son - Chronicle: 20 Greatest Hits “Fortunate Son” by Creedence Clearwater

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  • Veeto

    Beautiful Movie and Great Stinger!

  • not gonna read the stinger, but damn, is that a record for earliest we’ve ever known about a stinger. good looks, Joe Hollowood!

    • Movie was released internationally on April 11th. I actually saw it last night here in Taiwan. I almost didn’t stay for the stinger because I kept looking in the “In Theaters” section thinking it was already released in the US which is why I wasn’t able to find it. Movie was pretty good though. 

  • stdyeddy

    Fantastic film. Great story, superb effects.

  • Space Aliens do P90X

    This movie was super cheesy. The power drifting USS Missouri was hilarious. Battleship, you have sunk my box office standards.

  • Luis

    These movie doesn’t deserve a sequel. Really sucks!!!! I want my money back!!! It’s the worst movie ever.

    • Luis Sucks

      You must be high watching this movie. Go home read some book nigga

  • Dan-

    well when we gonna see other Hasbro toy’s n games come to have live action movies? just wait till scrabble gets a script.

  • Erfan

    Worst Movie Ever!rihanna Was Sucks!