Non-Stop Trailer

'Taken' on a plane?

October 28, 2013 by

It’s quite appropriate that many theaters screened this Non-Stop trailer before Escape Plan showings. That prison break thriller features iconic, yet aged, action superstars Sylvester Stallone (67 years old) and Arnold Schwarzenegger (66), both of whom have recently returned to the genre that made them Hollywood giants, but with mixed results. In Non-Stop, you have another big guy in his 60s, Liam Neeson (61), who sort of inherited the bad-ass action role relatively late in his career, but also with mixed results.

Let’s hope Non-Stop will be more like Taken or Neeson’s other recent semi-plane-related flick, The Grey, and less like Taken 2 or Unknown. The bad news is that the director of Unknown, Jaume Collet-Serra, has reunited with Neeson for Non-Stop. The good news is that I saw jets in the Non-Stop trailer (which equals an automatic ticket and why I suffered through Disney’s Planes) and a nasty explosion potentially setting up a zero-G shootout like in Modern Warfare 3‘s Turbulence mission.

Also starring Julianne Moore, Non-Stop is scheduled for takeoff on February 28, 2013. In the meantime, check out the trailer below. All that’s missing is Neeson texting back, “I will find you, and I will kill you.”