Star Wars Battlefront Reveal Trailer

EA and DICE's first look at the sequel gives us goosebumps!

April 19, 2015 by

With both Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice premiering teasers earlier this week, it really has been one of the best weeks ever for trailers. Star Wars fans who attended Star Wars Celebration at the Anaheim Convention Center to get a second look at Episode VII were also treated to a show-stealing first look at the upcoming and also highly anticipated game, Star Wars Battlefront.

Surprise cameos, lightsabers, AT-ATs, shootouts, speeder bikes, X-wing and TIE fighter dogfights are all teased in this jaw-dropping first look at “gameplay” from EA and DICE’s Star Wars version of Battlefield filmed in engine, using in-game models. After the game’s reveal, design director of Star Wars Battlefront, Niklas Fegraeus, took to Twitter to announce even more features not shown in the trailer such as: 4 iconic planets each with more than 2 maps per planet and with varying map sizes to cater to different modes, a Missions mode that allows solo or co-op play with bots on and offline with splitscreen, 1st and 3rd person views, a focus on the original trilogy, loadouts that don’t restrict players to a specific class, no campaign, and confirmation of 60fps.

It’s hard to believe that a game we’ve seen nothing of until now looks this good and is planned to release at 60fps on current-gen game consoles by the end of this year. We’ve already seen numerous recent games slated for end-of-year releases get pushed back, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see Battlefront pushed, and it would be even less of a shock for it to not be able to hold 60fps on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, especially at 1080p, considering this looks far better than Battlefield 4 and Battlefield: Hardline.

A game looking this good released on November 17th on PS4 and Xbox One just doesn’t seem possible… but with E3 right around the corner, a first look at live gameplay is very possible and could make us into believers… and we really hope it does, because this reveal gave us goosebumps.