Star Wars: Battlefront is Back

EA Teases the Sequel from DICE on Frostbite 3

June 10, 2013 by

One of the best moments of EA’s press conference today at E3 was actually in reaction to their shortest announcement. That announcement being that Star Wars: Battlefront is back… finally. While the teaser only lasts for 30 seconds and is basically just a shot of the title, the title alone was enough to cause the crowd to erupt in applause and cheers.

With EA just taking over the rights to the Star Wars franchise after it was purchased from Disney and resulted in LucasArts being shut down, the game is clearly in the VERY early stages of development, and EA gave no mention of how long DICE has been working on it. But you can bet that the game is going to look stunning with the same studio behind Need For Speed and Battlefield using the Frostbite 3 engine.

Fans might still be disappointed that we didn’t hear anything about Star Wars 1313, the stunning third-person adult-themed Star Wars game that blew everyone away last year and that many had hoped EA would save after LucasArts closed up shop, but I’m sure many are willing to accept the trade-off after demanding a new Battlefront for many years.