Sony Wins Day 1 of E3 2013

By Giving Gamers What We Want

June 10, 2013 by

While Microsoft started the day out at their E3 2013 press conference by not addressing any of the controversies caused by their disastrous Xbox One reveal event three weeks ago, Sony ended Day 1 of E3 by addressing everyone’s fears and telling gamers exactly what they wanted to hear in some of the greatest E3 moments of all time.

One of the biggest reveals at the PlayStation 4 event was that we finally got to see what the next gen console actually looks like. Very similar to the Xbox One’s black minimalist style, but with a slanted design that can also be set upright, the PS4 looks to be noticeably smaller than the bulkier Xbox One.


Like Microsoft, Sony’s press conference overall was pretty good with new reveals like Destiny and The Order, plus new looks at titles previously revealed at their PlayStation 4 announcement event, such as Infamous: Second Son and Killzone: Shadow Fall.

However, it wasn’t the new games that had those in attendance going wild, and it was the jabs Sony took at Microsoft that had everyone in attendance going nuts. President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of America, Jack Tretton, made it very clear that the PlayStation 4 won’t require a constant online connection, won’t have used game restrictions, and concluded their event by announcing that the system will be available this November for $399 ($100 cheaper than the less powerful Xbox One).

While neither the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 blew anybody away today like gamers had been dreaming about all last night, there’s no question that by not doing everything that people consider Microsoft evil for doing with the Xbox One AND by launching the PS4 at a starting price point so much cheaper, Sony was easily the winner of E3 for anybody who truly loves games and being able to play them without a big corporation’s constant restrictions.