Review Copy of ‘Halo: Reach’ Leaked onto the Internet

Full Version Now Available Early Online

August 23, 2010 by

Most gamers know that on September 14 the final game in the epic Halo series is being released exclusively on Xbox 360. But did you know you can play Halo: Reach for free on your Xbox 360 right now? Well you can if you download a leaked version of the game online, play it on a modded Xbox 360, and don’t mind getting your Xbox 360 permanently banned from Xbox Live.

That’s right, over the weekend Halo: Reach (the full game) was leaked onto the internet after some clever pirates discovered a way around Microsoft’s secure website that allowed a select number of reviewers early access to the game. After gaining access to the secret Halo: Reach files, the pirates then went on to leak copies of the game on popular file-sharing and torrent sites like Game-Tuts.com.

Microsoft and Bungie are doing everything they can to get these files removed from the net, and Game-Tuts has since removed the download link, but it’s the internet and once it’s out there… it’s out there. If you don’t want to get banned from Xbox Live, but just can’t wait three more weeks for Halo: Reach and want to be spoiled — there are tons of gameplay videos now on sites like YouTube and people broadcasting the game live on Justin.tv, but don’t expect those videos to stay available for long with Microsoft doing everything they can to try and stop this leak.