Halo: Reach (2010)Extra Mission After the Credits

Game Details

Release Date: September 14, 2010
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Developer(s): Bungie
Actor(s): Jamie Hector (Emile), Hakeem Kae-Kazim (Jorge), Sunil Malhotra (Jun), Jen Taylor (Halsey), Pete Stacker (Keyes), Marcella Lentz-Pope (Sara), Philip Anthony-Rodriguez (Noble Six)
Platform(s): Xbox 360
ESRB: M for Mature
Our Review: 4.5 out of 5
Game Length: Around 10 hours
Credits Length: 6 minutes

During the Credits (spoilers)

The credits begin rolling alongside the final scene of Halo: Reach and show the UNSC Pillar of Autumn entering Installation 04 and flying towards the original Halo known as Alpha Halo. Captain Keyes can be heard saying “Cortana, all I need to know is, did we lose him?” with Cortana responding back “I think we both know the answer to that.” This extra scene during the end credits of Reach is actually the exact same way that the original Halo: Combat Evolved game started and ties the two games together.

At the start of the credits of Halo: Reach there is also a special thanks from Bungie saying:

To all our faithful fans –

Thank you for playing Halo: Reach.

Over the past decade, we’ve shared some of our most memorable experiences together, inside the far reaching expanses of the Halo universe. It’s been one hell of a ride. And we couldn’t have done it without you.

As we continue marching forward our ultimate goal of World Domination, Bungie remains inspired and fueled by you, our passionate fan community. So Play, Forge, Film.

We’ll see you starside.

[Heart] Bungie

After the Credits (spoilers)

Just like previous Halo games there is an extra scene after the credits, however, there more than just a scene and actually an entire extra playable level after the credits. The extra mission that comes after the credits and “the real” final mission in Halo: Reach is called “Lone Wolf” and it ties up the storyline of this game and the fate of Noble Six. The Lone Wolf mission allows the player to try and keep Noble Six alive as long as possible after he’s been left on Reach and is being swarmed by enemies. Eventually just like the rest of his squad, Noble Six falls and there’s one last cutscene explaining that Six died for the noble cause of passing the torch and helping save humanity.

Easter Egg (spoilers)

Similar to previous Halo games, the camera can be rotated during the final cutscene in the Pillar of Autumn to reveal a secret. In Halo: Reach if the camera is rotated to the right (using the analog stick) when the Warthogs are shown inside the Pillar of Autumn, than Master Chief can be seen in his frozen state in the corner of the screen.

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