Halo: Reach Live-Action Trailers

Microsoft Releases More Epic Trailers Before Launch

September 1, 2010 by

One of the best things about new Halo games are the marketing campaigns that invade every form of media in the weeks before each game comes out. Halo advertisements always have an epic trailer with an epic soundtrack, and more recently with the last couple games, the production quality has become better and better with live-action trailers that tease what a potential Halo movie could look like.

Four months ago the first live-action trailer for the upcoming Halo game entitled “Birth of a Spartan” was released to generate hype before the Halo: Reach beta testing period started. Now with two weeks left until Halo: Reach is officially released worldwide there are multiple live-action trailers and shorts being released by Bungie and Microsoft. There’s even a Samsung commercial that doesn’t say anything about Halo but uses action scenes and armored units that look straight out of the Halo series.

Although the new trailers “Patrol” and “Day Before” lack action, the latest “Deliver Hope” trailer is pretty epic and features some action from the front-lines similar to Halo 3: ODST‘s amazing live-action “We Are ODST” trailer. Personally, the ODST live-action trailer is still my favorite with the others lacking enough action sequences, but “Deliver Hope” is still one of the best and has an extended version set for release on September 6th which could make it even better than the “We Are ODST” extended trailer. Hopefully there will be a couple more trailers released in addition to the extended cut of “Deliver Hope” as September 14th gets closer and the launch of Bungie’s final Halo game begins.

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