Halo Reach ‘Birth of a Spartan’ Trailer

Live-Action Extended High-Def Version Hits the Net

April 28, 2010 by

This Tuesday (May 3, 2010) the beta for Halo Reach begins on Xbox 360 and to start building hype for their upcoming blockbuster, Bungie has released yet another live-action trailer. Just like Halo 3’s “Landfall” and Halo 3: ODST’sWe Are ODST” trailers, “Birth of a Spartan” is a glimpse of what a future Halo movie could possibly look like.

Although “Birth of a Spartan” isn’t the best of the three live-action trailers and could have used some more action like the “We Are ODST” trailer, it’s still pretty epic showing the process of making a Spartan III soldier in the Halo universe.