Resistance 2 Patch and DLC

Aftermath Map Pack Announced with Meltdown Mode

March 25, 2009 by

Insomniac has just released details about Resistance 2’s first DLC. The new content is split into two pieces: The v1.50 patch and content for the PSN Store. Both will be available this Thursday, March 26.

The DLC called the Aftermath map pack, will retail for $5.99 on the PlayStation Network. The exact number of maps has yet to be revealed, but they’re said to be designed at a smaller scale for close-quarters battles. There will also be a number of new skins available for $0.99 each.

Here are the details on the patch:

  • Meltdown Mode – Remake of the classic Resistance multiplayer map.
  • New Co-op Difficulty –  “Superhuman” difficulty with higher EXP awarded.
  • Second Player PSN Login – Split screen now allows the second player to login to his PSN profile.