Killzone 2 Patch 1.21

New Changes Coming This Tuesday

March 30, 2009 by

Over on the official Killzone 2 forums, Seb Downie, producer at Guerrilla Games has announced that the new 1.21 Patch will be released this Tuesday, March 31st at 8AM GMT.

The 1.21 Patch includes the following:

  • Increase of the standard points settings for Bodycount. Should ensure longer mode on heavily populated games.
  • The return of Online Bots. Adding bots to an online game renders it ‘unranked’.
  • The option to create unranked games. Players will be made aware that a game is unranked upon joining.
  • Fix to Game Search functionality so correct maps are displayed.
  • Standardization of the Y-Axis controls on the HGH Scout when zoomed with the Sniper Rifle.
  • Fix to Sensitivity setting where the weapon animation did not follow the reticule correctly.
  • Fix for auto-aim exploit when rapidly tapping zoom/fire.
  • Fix to infrequent collision issues with C4 Proximity mines.
  • Fix to list of games displayed on search.
  • Stability fix relating to disconnect.
  • Fix to ‘Clan’ button functionality in custom game creation settings.

Areas being exploring and investigating for the future patches:

  • Controls. Seeing about giving more options.
  • Expanding on Join Game searches and options.
  • Improving game and network stability.
  • Collision exploits on maps.
  • Improvements to help play with friends.
  • More game creation options.
  • More game options for clans.
  • Fixes to Clans unexpectadly losing tournament rounds.
  • Investigating spawn-camping issues.
  • Other minor fixes.