No More ‘Resistance’ from Insomniac

Creators Officially Finished with the Series

January 26, 2012 by

Insomniac Games’ CEO Ted Price has just posted a video of himself on YouTube confirming that the studio will indefinitely be moving on from the Resistance series now that they’re done with Resistance 3. While it had been said many times throughout the course of Resistance 3‘s development cycle, Price has officially put the nail in the coffin and broken a lot of fanboy hearts today. The PlayStation 3 exclusive isn’t dead yet though and like Halo, a new developer will be taking over the series — Nihilistic Software — a far less prestigious company who have been tasked with first developing Resistance: Burning Skies for Sony’s handheld PlayStation Vita.

A lot of gamers seemed to be split when picking their favorite of the Resistance trilogy, tending to favor the version they started with. After playing through all three games last year in order to write our Resistance 3 review, I was able to see in just a couple weeks the evolution of the series that took Insomniac many years to accomplish. The latest in the series was Insomniac’s greatest and an easy nomination in both our shooter and overall categories for our Best of the Year 2011 awards. It’s a shame they’re already done with the series which has all occurred during one console generation. Insomniac’s next project is a four-player cooperative action video game called Overstrike that’s set for release in summer 2012 on both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Still no word on when we’ll see another Resistance game on a major console.