New ‘Deadpool’ Game Announced

High Moon Reveals Their Latest Project at Comic-Con

July 14, 2012 by

After Activision teased the reveal of their next game with High Moon Studios last week by saying that it’s “sure to be a hit,” many were speculating that we’d be seeing more of the mysterious Hit-Monkey game that’s in development. But High Moon shocked everybody today at their Comic-Con panel by announcing that they have another game in development with Activsion that will center around Marvel’s merc with a mouth, Deadpool.

The official trailer shown today at Comic-Con can be viewed below and does in fact look to be another hit from High Moon after their revival of the Transformers game series. Those who played Marvel vs. Capcom 3 will also notice that the industry’s top voice actor, Nolan North (Nathan Drake), will be reprising his role as the wise-cracking, fourth-wall-breaking Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool.