Street Fighter X Tekken Announced

Creators Make It Official at Comic-Con 2010

July 24, 2010 by

Two weeks ago at the the conclusion of the world’s biggest fighting game tournament, EVO 2010, the original developers of both Street Fighter and Tekken took the stage to tease fans in attendance of a possible mashup of their favorite games in development. Although no information was given by Yoshiki Okamoto (creator of Street Fighter) and Katsuhiro Harada (creator of Tekken) at EVO 2010, they promised that they would announce what they’ve been working on at this year’s Comic-Con, and fans of both series would be thrilled with the announcement.

After much speculation over what Okamoto and Harada were secretly developing, both made true on their promises and it looks like everyone’s wishes are coming true and there is in-fact a Street Fighter vs. Tekken game in development by Capcom, and a separate Tekken X Street Fighter game in development by Namco Bandai. In addition to the huge announcement being dropped on fans in attendance at Comic-Con, fans were also treated to both a teaser trailer and a sneak peak at gameplay featuring Ryu vs. Devil Jin. Check out both videos below.