Lost Planet 3 at E3 2013

We Go Hands-On with the Multiplayer of Capcom's Latest Shooter

June 14, 2013 by

With only a couple months until its release, one game that’s surprisingly getting almost no attention at this year’s E3 is Lost Planet 3. With the last game in the series not being to many people’s taste (personally, I loved it and saw it as a taste of what’s to come with games like Destiny), Capcom has put the franchise in the hands of a new developer, Spark Unlimited, who seems to be trying to make the game more like the original Lost Planet mixed with elements of Dead Space 3.

We got to see the multiplayer at this year’s E3 and have to say that from what we saw, we were surprised with how good it was for how little attention it was getting. With it being the third game in a pretty well-known series, it’s not a good sign that there isn’t much love for the franchise that’s once again trying something new with a Western developer to try and bring in even more fans to the dying franchise.

In the multiplayer demo we played at E3, we got to check out a unique Capture the Flag-style mode that involved two teams first fighting to kill a wild Akrid beast that spawns in the middle of the battlefield. After slaying the beast, and item dropped from it that we needed to return back to our base in order to score. It was your typical CTF format, but with the nice addition of having both teams fight for the first monster kill with other nice additions you’d come to expect from the Lost Planet series like the grapple hook that allows almost anything to be latched onto and scaled at any time during combat.

Lost Planet 3 definitely wasn’t one the best new games we saw at E3 with all the upcoming flashy next-gen titles stealing its thunder, but with the game so close to release, its definitely something to get you through the usual summer gaming drought before the wave of next-gen games hits in the fall. And with fans split on which of the two Lost Planet games was better, it will be interesting to see how this prequel that tries to bring the series back to its roots does. Lost Planet 3 is set for release on August 27, 2013 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.