Lost Planet 2 Now Mixed with Gears of War?

Marcus Fenix and Dom Santiago Join the Franchise

January 27, 2010 by

What’s going on in the gaming industry? Just a couple days ago it was announced that the Game of the Year, Uncharted 2, was was releasing a downloadable character pack for $4.99 that would allow people to play competitively as many of the most recognizable characters from PlayStation’s biggest multiplayer games.

Now Capcom has released a teaser trailer that shows Marcus Fenix and Dom Santiago from the Gears of War series fighting in the Lost Planet 2 universe. The trailer ends with the Gears of War logo behind the Lost Planet 2 logo. Will this be a feature that comes standard with the game, be downloadable content or online multiplayer only? Your guess is as good as mine because this trailer has me left scratching my head and wondering why all these games are turning into next-gen versions of Super Smash Bros.