Huxley Gameplay Walkthrough

Video from GDC 2009

March 28, 2009 by

After an impressive initial showcasing at the E3 Expo in 2005; Huxley, an FPSMMORPG (first person shooter massive multiplayer online role playing game) that uses the Unreal Engine 3 and was once said to be the game that would revolutionize the MMO industry has fallen off the map. Release dates constantly being pushed back and little updates on information about the game have killed almost all the buzz that Huxley once had. Huxley mixes the gameplay components of FPSs like Unreal Tournament 3 and MMORPGs like World of Warcraft and Anarchy Online.

One of the main problems for Huxley’s lack of buzz amongst U.S. gamers is that all of Huxley’s media has been in Korean due to the game being developed by Webzen, a game publisher located in South Korea. Although bad news has just surfaced about the Xbox 360 version being put on hold, G4 has just released a English version of a developer walkthrough from GDC 2009 that takes a look at one of the cities, PvE combat, PvP combat, classes, abilities and more. Huxley is supposed to be released late this year, but then again it was also supposed to be released in late 2006…