Unreal Tournament Trailer and Pre-Alpha Released

Download and play the game for free now!

March 5, 2015 by

At GDC this year, Epic Games made some huge announcements regarding Unreal Tournament, Unreal Editor for UT, Unreal Engine 4, and even a new marketplace for UT. UE4 can now be casually used for free to create content, and best of all, the new version of Unreal Tournament in its pre-alpha state can also be downloaded now for free from the game’s official site and is planned to remain free-to-play when it launches.

Taking a completely different approach than previous games in order to give fans more Unreal after eight years passing since Unreal Tournament III, the latest take on the series is being created by Epic Games and a community of volunteers. Epic has stressed the point that it will be just free, not free-to-play, “free means free — no microtransactions.” While there will be a marketplace, the items available like outfits, mods, and maps will be straight from the community who can decide the pricing and offer their user-created content completely free of charge.

In case you needed any more reason to give the free test a try in an age of alphas and betas charging users to play, Epic has released an official first look of gameplay from their new Outpost 23 map.