Fortnite at 2011 VGAs

Epic Games Debuts Their New IP

December 10, 2011 by

One of the big teasers for this year’s VGAs was that CliffyB planned to reveal the next game from Epic Games. While most people were expecting a new Gears of War or at least a new Unreal Tournament, nobody was expecting what we ended up getting. Epic’s newest franchise, Fortnite, looks to be a zombie action-survival-strategy game with a cartoon art direction that bears very similar resemblance to Valve’s Team Fortress series.

The cinematic trailer gives almost no explanation of what exactly Frostnite is and doesn’t show any actual gameplay, so it’s hard to tell how big of a game this will be for Epic and if it will be a full retail game or just a downloadable one like Shadow Complex and Infinity Blade. From the looks of it, Epic’s latest will play a lot like Gears 3‘s Horde Mode 2.0 that mixes a shooter with the tower defense genre. Check out the official debut teaser for Fortnite below.