EA’s New MMA Game Announced at E3 2009

Electronic Arts Picks a Fight with UFC

June 1, 2009 by

At their press conference today, Electronic Arts announced that EA Tiburon, the same studio behind Madden is currently developing a mixed martial arts fighting game. While that’s about all they announced in regards to the game, it’s going to be interesting to see what roster of fighters the game will have.

I was under the assumption that the president of UFC, Dana White forced the majority of his fighters to sign exclusive contracts that prevent them from being involved in other fighting games. While there are still plenty of fighters from other promotions that can be featured in the game, I doubt the game can be successful without a roster packed full of UFC stars like Chuck Liddell and Brock Lesnar. Maybe EA Sports will get a taste of their own medicine after buying the rights to the NFL and creating a monopoly with Madden. I want my NFL Blitz back! Damn you EA Sports!