Dead Space 3 Screenshots Leaked

Pretty Clear Evidence Teases Co-op

May 31, 2012 by

Update: EA has confirmed that Dead Space 3 will be shown at E3 next week. Stay tuned to our ongoing E3 2012 coverage for more breaking news and the official reveal trailer early next week.

Dead Space 3 has yet to be officially announced, but there are many clues pointing to EA making said announcement next week at E3. Those with a little bit of web development knowledge can see that if you take a look at DeadSpace.com‘s current source code you can see “Team up in Co-op” and “Pre-Order” links which aren’t currently displayed on the front-end version of the site and at the moment don’t work when accessed.

And today, even more clues have surfaced but in the form of screenshots leaked by All Games Beta. The screenshots, which you can check out below, show what looks like Isaac Clarke teaming up with new character, John Carver, who is also featured in the upcoming Dead Space graphic novel. There’s even a shot that looks like a Necromorph still in human form and wielding a gun. DeadSpace.com has an official description of the new novel along with a trailer, which you can check out below:

While patrolling the planet Uxor, Earthgov Sergeant John Carver witnesses an attack on the Marker Site he guards which changes his life forever. John must now fight his way through a colony now in complete chaos as he begins to discover how important he is in fighting the Necromorph plague. This is just the start of John Carver’s saga in the Dead Space Universe.

Although Viseral and EA are right now just promoting the novel, the screenshots leaked today are pretty clear evidence that there’s something new being worked on in the Dead Space game franchise that most likely contains some sort of co-op. Be sure to check out our own Dead Space news from E3 when we cover the show all next week.