Dead Space 3 at E3 2012

EA Shows Off Gameplay During Their Media Briefing

June 9, 2012 by

Although some leaked screenshots and source code might have ruined Dead Space 3‘s big E3 reveal, EA was still able to keep gameplay footage under wraps until their E3 2012 media briefing. With the series constantly being compared to the Resident Evil series and even looked at as the now superior brand, many fans became worried upon hearing that Visceral Games would be taking the same route as Capcom and adding co-op to their game’s singleplayer campaign.

Everyone knows how bad the co-op ended up being in Resident Evil 5, so it’s a strange move to add another player into the gameplay when the Dead Space series has always been about giving the player the feeling of being alone to set the perfect tone for scaring the hell out of them. Many also questioned Visceral’s move to the add multiplayer to the series, but there’s no question that they nailed it in Dead Space 2, so I still have a lot of faith in the game’s co-op — especially after seeing the latest gameplay footage and learning that co-op will be optional and players can still play the campaign solo if they please with different dialog being presented depending on if one or two people are playing.