Dead Space 2 (2011)Extra Audio After the Credits

Game Details

Release Date: January 25, 2011
Publisher: EA Games
Developer(s): Visceral Games
Actor(s): Gunner Wright (Issac Clarke), Tanya Clarke (Nicole Brennan), Sonita Henry (Ellie Langford), Lester Purry (Hans Tidemann), Tahyna Tozzi (Diana Le Guin)
Platform(s): PlayStation 3, PC, Xbox 360
ESRB: M for Mature
Game Length: Around 9 hours
Credits Length: 12 minutes

During the Credits

The credits begin to roll over the final scene Dead Space 2, but there’s much more. Check out the text below for massive spoilers and full details about what happens during the credits.

After Issac destroys the Marker, he sits down and gives up as the structure housing the Marker begins to fall apart all around him. Music begins to play and the credits begin to roll to give the impression that Issac has been left for dead, however, Ellie shows up in the gun ship she left in earlier to rescue Issac from the collapsing building.

The scene then goes back to gameplay where Issac must fly into the ship by using his thrusters and dodging falling debris. After Issac makes it on-board, there is one more scene that shows Issac alone in the pilot seat (just how the first Dead Space ended). Issac begins to get nervous as he anticipates a vision of Nicole sitting in the corner dead again, but as he turns to look, he sees Ellie who looks back at Issac and asks “What?”, not realizing what had previously happened to Issac when he was alone in a ship.

After the extra gameplay and scenes, the second set of credits begin to roll over a shot of space. There are no extras during the credits besides the actual words turning from Necromorph writing into English words.

After the Credits

There is extra audio after the credits, check out full details and spoilers below.

There is audio of a man on a radio who classifies himself as “Flight Team EG9” and reports that Titan Station has been completely destroyed. There is then a voice that comes on the radio (presumably of the Overseer who was heard from in a text log to Tidemann that can be found right before the end of the game) and asks about the status of the Marker. The EG9 unit says that nothing survived and that Marker Site 12 is a total loss. The Overseer comes back on and says “Pity… Recall all flights and return to base. The other sites will have to pick up the pieces.”

After the extra audio there are multiple unlocks rewarded to the player like new suits, the ability to start a new game with all previous items and upgrades, and hardcore mode.

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