Dead Rising 3 Trailer

Cinematics you're going to want to watch... and watch again...

August 19, 2013 by

With the release of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 only a couple months away, Gamescom is the last big event where both Microsoft and Sony will be able to show off what gamers can expect with next-gen games and choose which side of the console war they want to join.

With both powerhouses set to take the stage tomorrow, you can expect some good new nuggets of console information and teasers for more upcoming titles. Today, to get Xbox lovers excited, Microsoft has released a photo-realistic CGI trailer for their upcoming Xbox One day one exclusive, Dead Rising 3.

The teaser is a purely cinematic trailer, which means don’t expect these kind of visuals in Dead Rising 3 (you’ll be getting these). Still, I’m finding myself starting to enjoy the trailers for games more than the actual games themselves with how good they’re getting. Clearly Capcom has spared no expense developing this latest stunning cinematic.

Hopefully with next-gen finally here, we’ll be seeing some game’s actual gameplay start getting closer and closer to matching CGI teasers like this. Until then, there’s this trailer which you can watch… and watch again… and again…