Dead Rising 2: Case West Gameplay Trailer

Frank West and Chuck Greene Team Up

November 30, 2010 by

There’s good news for you zombie-killing lovers that just can’t get enough Dead Rising. Capcom is releasing the final chapter in the current Dead Rising story entitled “Dead Rising 2: Case West” which will team up the original hero Frank West with DR2‘s Chuck Greene. Case West will feature both singleplayer and co-op that will allow players to explore the Phenotrans Facility located on the outskirts of Fortune City and will also feature tons of new weapons, clothing items, combos, and missions.

Dead Rising 2: Case West is set for release this December and just like Dead Rising 2‘s previous DLC “Case Zero” this too will only be available via Xbox Live, sorry PlayStation 3 owners. Check out the HD gameplay trailer below to see some of the new features you’ll have access to in DR2.