Darksiders II ‘Death Comes for All’ Trailer

The Crowfather Sets the Stage for Death's Tale

July 25, 2012 by

If you thought that Darksiders II‘s last live-action trailer was epic, but worried as to why they weren’t showing any gameplay, fear not, for Death is back in the game’s first all-gameplay trailer, and it’s even more epic. Set for release in only a few more weeks on August 14, 2012, THQ has a lot riding on their new Darksiders franchise, and judging by the latest “Death Comes for All” trailer and what we’ve got our hands on, Darksiders II seems like it will live up to its latest epic trailer.

For those who still haven’t played the first, I’d strongly suggest doing so over the next few weeks, especially if you’re a fan of games like God of War and Zelda. Check out the new trailer below where the Crowfather sets the stage for the tale in which the fate of mankind may be determined by the actions of the most feared horseman of the apocalypse: Death.