Viral Marketing Campaign Begins for Total Recall

Ads for Rekall Corporation Begin Showing Up in Major Cities

June 21, 2012 by

To start getting people hyped and create some buzz around the upcoming Total Recall remake set for release in a little over a month on August 3, 2012, fake viral advertisements for the fictional Rekall Corporation from the movie have been popping up scattered all around major U.S. cities. The various ads promote Rekall’s technology that provides clients with implanted artificial memories of the lives they’d like to have.

Also in similar fashion to District 9’s viral campaign, there are even anti-Rekall billboards and posters from a fake organization against the Rekall Corporation that can be found with the tagline “Don’t let them blow your mind” and the website NoRekall.org, which features stories of customers who ended up with health problems after having their memories augmented by Rekall.

In case you don’t live in an area filled with massive billboards or ads plastered all over bus stops, we have all the posters in high quality below. You can also check out WelcomeToRekall.com for more viral goodies regarding the Rekall Corporation and more information about how their technology works.