Uncharted: The Lost Legacy at E3 2017

Naughty Dog Releases More Behind-Closed-Doors Gameplay Footage Online

June 23, 2017 by

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy was revealed at Sony’s 2016 PlayStation Experience with a phenomenal first look at gameplay. What Naughty Dog showed off in the teaser for the new standalone adventure felt unique with gameplay from a completely different perspective.

While some might not have liked the first look’s “walking simulator” gameplay, Lost Legacy’s cinematic style made it feel like a completely new IP… that is, until the character being controlled was revealed to be none other than the fan-favorite, Chloe Frazer.

Sony started this year’s E3 2017 media showcase with another new look at the game teasing some of the biggest and best moments. But what wasn’t shown on Monday was a solid chunk of gameplay –that was saved by Sony for those lucky enough to get behind-closed-doors for another first look at E3. And from what we saw sitting down with the team at Naughty Dog, those looking for more action and adventure will be happy to know that Lost Legacy‘s gameplay with be almost identical to Nathan Drake’s previous wild jungle shootouts.

Now, Sony and Naughty Dog have released the same gameplay footage we saw behind-closed-doors for fans to view online. Which you can watch in its entirety right now before Uncharted: The Lost Legacy releases exclusively for PlayStation 4 on August 22, 2017.