Uncharted on PlayStation 4

Naughty Dog Announces the Next Uncharted with Teaser Trailer

November 14, 2013 by

In an effort to create even more hype and help boost sales a little more, Sony has just announced that their top developer, Naughty Dog, is in fact working on another Uncharted game for PlayStation 4.

Many have assumed that Naughty Dog has had their main team secretly working away at another Uncharted while other team continues work on The Last of Us. And tonight’s reveal at the PlayStation 4 launch event confirmed those suspicions for us. The PlayStation 4 has arrived, and Uncharted is coming.

The teaser is, as you would expect, a pure tease, and even the name has left everyone guessing what exactly the game will be about. Simply being called “Uncharted” in the trailer without the number four or any other taglines, the next in the series has many believing it may be a prequel of some kind that likely stars Sir Francis Drake. Nathan Drake is also absent from the trailer with actor Todd Stashwick doing the voiceover work that could very likely be the new voice of Sir Francis.

The trailer might not give up the goods, but is sure to help sell a couple more PS4 units today and make those making the purchase have even more faith in their decision to go with Sony.