Twisted Metal ‘Shoot My Truck’ Online Stream

David Jaffe Gets Twisted Live on Valentine's Day

February 14, 2012 by

Got no date for Valentine’s Day? No money to buy the new Twisted Metal on PlayStation 3? Well how would you like to fire a real machine gun at a real truck via the internet all for free? If you’re looking to kick the Valentine’s Day blues (or just bored at work), then head over to Twisted Metal‘s ShootMyTruck.com live stream to watch all sorts of objects like Sweet Tooth’s truck get blown to holy high hell.

There’s multiple camera views to choose from and you can even get access to control one of the guns yourself and fire off some rounds. It all concludes 6 PM EST Wednesday when three viewers will be given the chance to deliver the deathblow in a grand finale with game director and alleged psychopath David Jaffe.