Twisted Metal Developer Lays Off Their Workers

Eat Sleep Play Shifts Their Focus to Mobile

February 7, 2012 by

This is some terrible news for anybody looking forward to the new Twisted Metal. The developer’s local Salt Lake City Tribune has just published an interview with Eat Sleep Play co-founder Scott Campbell, who has dropped a bomb by saying that the studio has let go of 20% of its employees and will be shifting their focus from console titles to mobile games. Campbell also went on to say that the company’s controversial and beloved other co-founder, David Jaffe, will also be leaving to work on his own smaller projects.

Obviously, this news doesn’t paint a good picture for the upcoming relaunch of the Twisted Metal series with the first game on this console generation being set for release next Tuesday. Eat Sleep Play must not have high expectations for their latest if they’re already letting go of those who worked on the game a week before its launch. Jaffe himself has stated that no current DLC is planned and that future expansions will be released depending on the success of the game. With even less employees and Jaffe himself planning on leaving, the second comeback of the Twisted Metal series might be very short lived.