Titanfall Debuts at E3 2013

Microsoft Gives a First Look at the Amazing Gameplay

June 11, 2013 by

It’s clear that Titanfall is Microsoft’s answer to Sony’s stunning Killzone series, and it’s their new baby that they’re going to be pushing the hell out of to help carry the Xbox One until the next Halo or Gears of War is released. Titanfall was Microsoft’s most impressive game shown off during their press conference and will be one of the best reasons to get a Xbox One when the game is released in Spring 2014.

However, while Titanfall looks absolutely amazing, what Microsoft didn’t make clear during their demo at today’s show was that Titanfall will also be releasing on PCs and Xbox 360. It’s hard to say if Titanfall will be a system seller, and until we get some clear side-by-side comparisons of how much better the game is on Xbox One, it might be a hard sell for gamers to make that $500 upgrade, especially when they can play the same game with potentially even better visuals on an even nicer PC upgrade.