Ghost of Tsushima Gameplay Debuts at E3 2018

Sony Gives a First Look at Their Highly Anticipated New PlayStation 4 Exclusive

June 20, 2018 by

One of the four big new games Sony chose to focus on during their E3 2018 showcase was Ghost of Tsushima. A visually-stunning open-world samurai game from the developers at Sucker Punch, known best for their open-world Infamous franchise.

With almost ten minutes of gameplay, the first look of GoT made it clear why the new PlayStation exclusive is one gamers should be getting hyped over in Sony’s arsenal of upcoming exclusives.

Besides the superb character models and sword-fighting, what stands out most in this first look at GoT is the high level of detail in the game’s open-world environment. The way in which the grass, trees, and leaves all blow in the wind is remarkable. And when the main character’s horse plows through the fields and the foliage parts ways, it all looks almost too good to be true.

Such a high level of detail reminds us of The Witcher 3’s graphics turned up to the max on PC… but with Sucker Punch being one of Sony’s top devs, we’re hoping the final product looks just as good, if not better, when the game releases likely sometime in 2019.