The Last Night Debuts at Microsoft’s E3 2017 Xbox Briefing

Despite E3 2017 Being All About 4K, It Was a Pixel Art Indie Game that Stole the Show

June 21, 2017 by

Microsoft’s Xbox Briefing was the highest watched moment of E3 2017 on Twitch as gamers tuned for the Xbox One X’s official reveal. Ironically, instead of being blown away by next-gen 4K graphics, most media in attendance and gamers watching at home went away talking about one 16-bit-style indie game called The Last Night.

Developer Odd Tales proved at E3 this year that pixel art can sometimes beat pixel counts. Debuting a first look at their stunning 2D/3D cyberpunk game that they’re calling 2.5D, the developer’s take on a lower-class citizen living “in an era of leisure” where computers and machines have taken over most jobs was unlike anything else shown at E3 2017 and stole the show.

The Last Night‘s beautiful Blade Runner-esque visuals look to be introducing a unique pixel art storytelling experience unlike another other platformer to date. Hopefully, gameplay will be on the same level as what other recent 16-bit sci-fi hits such as Shadowrun: Hong Kong and Dungeon of the Endless were able to do for turn-based RPGs and rougelikes.

Set for release at some point in 2018, The Last Night will be available exclusively on Xbox One and PC.