The Grey (2012)Extra Scene After the Credits

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In Theaters: January 27, 2012
On Video: May 15, 2012
Director(s): Joe Carnahan
Production Co.: 1984 Private Defense Contractors, Liddell Entertainment, Scott Free Productions
Distributor(s): Open Road Films
MPAA Rating: N/A
Our Review: N/A
Running Time: 117 minutes
Credits Running Time: 8 minutes

During the Credits

There are no extra scenes during the credits of The Grey.

After the Credits

There is a very short scene after the credits of The Grey. Check out more details and spoilers below.

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After the credits there is an extra scene that shows Ottway (Liam Neeson) still alive and lying on top of the wolf. The film is ambiguous as to who the victor is and whether Ottway is mortally wounded.

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Is the extra scene after the credits worth waiting around for?
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  • What a great movie. I don’t know if I’d say excellent, but I’d give it a B+ or 4/5, which may even be closer to an A- or 4.5/5 once it’s all said and done, considering its (obviously from the previous comments) philosophical nature and discourse stimulation. I really wish I had the time to see this earlier and review it, but I’ll just say a few words here.

    The Grey is possibly and arguably Joe Carnahan’s best feature film. The only reason I say “possibly” is because Narc was pretty effing awesome. The plane crash sequence wasn’t anything close to the traumatic one in Alive (loved that The Grey referenced it though!) or the epic sequences from Lost, and the wolves were dangerously close to too-fake-looking, but none of that shit really matters because at its core The Grey is a transcendent piece about life’s many, many polarizing elements and aspects. Aside from the few trolls in the previous comments, the community here has nailed it. I’m not going to go into who’s right and who’s wrong and who’s clearly retarded… because I’ll just say that it’s kinda up to your own interpretation, as many great movies leave you with. We’re all living our own different paths, so naturally we’ll take something different away from this movie because we all reacted to and experienced it differently according to whatever’s going on with us or whatever makes us who we are. Hey, if you hated it but took the time to comment on the movie here, then The Grey did its job. It made you think.

    By the way, the official word from the director is that it was all a dream…. OR WAS IT?!?

    • SAS

      Well said… Ultimately, we’re all in it together. We live today and die today is at its essence. And we all do. If indeed he and the wolf died along side of the other, i say, death is the great equalizer. Beautiful really. To that end there lies life. We live, yes. Yet no matter that life or heartbeat, we are all the same in death. Survival because we must…death because thats life to all living souls. Probably in some crazy way…there lies the moment of it all: the truth. The meaning of Life? Possibly. Dont sweat it. Just take with you a lesson….Respect, love and reverance. Lesson maybe is relax itll all come together in the end when you dont have to struggle to be, prove, anymore. Just let nature take its course. Bittersweet yet clear. Kinda cool….reading all. :)Hm.


    I’m sure my fellow cinema and film lovers (at least most anyway) already know this trivia fact ;
    Joe Carnahan Directed and cameoed in another film with Liam Neeson in the A – Team.
    Hey if Mr. Carnahan ever reads this post I must say that for how powerfull The Grey was as well as psychologically disturbing (e.g.) Plane crash and dream sequences …….It was one of the most INTIMATE portrayals of mans willingnes to pull together, admit there wrongs and join together in the animal spirit within us all for that common trait we all (humans) have in us that takes over and harnasses our will to survive and refuse to go down without a fight….My name is Bryce vargo of Pittsburgh and an 8 year Combat Veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, and this is my closing statement of my review of the movie: •our humanity is stronger and more dear to us all than what we may think and if we [as mankind] pull together and learn from eachother then there will be a phrase of descrption and title for us all ….
    ••No better friend * No worse enemy••

  • moe

    well i watched the final scene, i believe he made it simply because of the final hallucinations or visions he has with his wife, where he is connected to a drip, so im pretty sure hes alive.

    • Yiggyyoo5671

      His wife is on a drip. She’s dying. He’s not hallucinating.

    • Ty

      Flasback. She was connected to the drip. Shes dead.

  • VoltarianFemme

    The extra scene at the end of the credits was almost a nod from Director Carnahan to those who often stay seated in the cinema savoring the thoughts and possibilities of such a thought provoking film such as this one. It was existentialist film that gave you more meaning if you stayed to watch beyond the credits. Those who stayed- gleaned richer meaning perhaps. I watched intently as he wrapped his knuckles in broken glass bottles ready to go toe to toe with the alpha wolf. I wondered did he defeat the alpha in his grappling? Personally, I felt no depression but the exhilaration of battling for life head on- and if he died, he died a good death(like his beloved wife and fellow survivors before him) and most certainly defeated the alpha wolf instead of copping out early on-

  • I’m not saying The Grey would have been better if it ended with Liam Neeson broken bottle-punching the shit out of the pack of wolves set to Motley Crue’s “Kickstart My Heart”… but it totally would have been…

  • tommm

    All of you are wrong. This is based on a true story. They found both the wolf and ottway dead less than 200 yards from the base camp of a logging comapny.

  • paige

    My name is paige witham, I’m 15 and from canaan maine. I’m a huge geek and really enjoyed this movie, along with the harry potter series. I love the end of the movie because I am left guessing and when I got home from the movie with my mom, I wrote a 20 page essay on it and still cannot figure it out. I need answers people!!!!!

  • firehorse

    Paige, your own personal sense of life will guide how you decide the movie ends. As I posted in this forum a year ago, there were clues to what happened in that final scene but each individual must interpret them to get the most from the movie. To me, the wolves represent reality and it will eat you if you don’t acknowledge it and deal with it. Reason and thinking are your only tools for survival in the real world. Even if the Liam Neeson character died in that final encounter with the alpha wolf, it was with full and rational engagement of all his human mind and senses. I hope the drone of a motor in the background that I think I heard was real; for me it was enough to leave the thought that he might have survived. But survival isn’t always the only standard of success. Success should be the value of living fully human, mentally awake, and invested in being the best you can be. Now think it through for yourself.

  • jnhjbbjb

    if you will notice he put a gps thing on his wrist soif he dies the people will still find his dead body an every one else to