The Dictator “Murders” Elisabetta Canalis

Sacha Baron Cohen's Latest Stunt at Cannes

May 16, 2012 by

Sacha Baron Cohen is brilliant when it comes to the marketing of his films. We’ve seen Baron Cohen teabag Eminem at the MTV Video Music awards, spill the “ashes” of the late Kim Jong-il on pretty boy Ryan Seacrest at the Oscars, and now “murder” a model/actress. The latest Baron Cohen stunt that is making headlines today involves him in character as Admiral General Aladeen (The Dictator) on a yacht with the amazingly hot Elisabetta Canalis at the Cannes International Film Festival in France.

Knowing that the paparazzi would be keeping an eye on all the high-end yachts parked off shore, Cohen staged a scene with Canalis involving the two rubbing each other down with lotion, taking photos, and Aladeen showing Canalis his little dictator. Canalis, who wasn’t impressed, began mocking Aladeen and trying to take more photos, which resulted in a fight, eventually her “murder”, and a body in a bag being thrown overboard.

Check out all the pictures of the staged event provided by Egotastic below. The Dictator opens in theaters today, make sure check out our review and also to stick around during the credits when you go see it!