Secrets Hidden in The Amazing Spider-Man 2’s Trailer

Is the extra scene after the credits revealed in the trailer?

December 5, 2013 by

As fans dissect every single frame of the first The Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer that was released earlier today, many are speculating that one of the quick shots is actually teasing what Marc Webb will be putting in as an extra scene during or after the credits like how he did with the first film.

The scene in question, which you may or may not have noticed, comes at the 1:16 mark of the trailer. The shot is very quick and seems like it could very well be a post-credits tease of the Sinister Six.


As you can see, a silhouette of a figure is teased walking by Doc Ock’s tentacles and Vulture’s wings, two more members of the Sinister Six. But while director Marc Webb has confirmed on Twitter that those items are indeed what is being teased, he’s not giving up the goods on which character this is.

So is it Richard Parker discovering Oscorp’s ulterior motives? Or could it even be The Gentleman, a villain responsible for bringing together the members of the Sinister Six?