First Trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man

Director Marc Webb's Reboot Seems Promising

July 20, 2011 by

With Comic-Con only a day away, there’s sure to be tons of new movie information released over the next few days, especially news relating to superhero movies. Last week, the first official teaser trailer for The Dark Knight Rises was released, and now we have the first official trailer for the upcoming Spider-Man reboot. Like the Batman series reboot, The Amazing Spider-Man will be a more serious take on the franchise.

Director Marc Webb’s reboot seems promising from the looks of the trailer and casting, although it still doesn’t look anywhere near as dark or as good as Christopher Nolan’s Batman series. The film is also set to be released next summer in 3D, so the first-person Doom/Mirror’s Edge sequence at the end should be enjoyable, if nothing else.