Quantum Conundrum Trailer

The Next Game from the Original Creator of 'Portal'

August 25, 2011 by

Sticking with this week’s Portal theme comes the latest game from one of the original creators of the game, Kim Swift, who worked on Narbacular Drop at Digipen and then went on to become lead designer on Portal at Valve. Swift has since left Valve and been developing a new puzzle game called Quantum Conundrum that looks to be very similar to Portal but with the idea of using dimensional shifts instead of portals.

The walkthrough by Swift below showcases only one of the different dimensions players can switch between, known as the “Fluffy Dimension”, which allows objects to instantly be switched into lighter masses. Judging by the setup shown, there looks to be at least three other different dimensions that players can shift between (if not more), so expect some insanely hard puzzles that will be teased in later trailers as the game gets closer to release on PC, PlayStation Network, and Xbox Live Arcade in early 2012.