‘Portal: No Escape’ Fan Film

Amazing Short Captures a Darker Side of the Game

August 23, 2011 by

Hollywood can’t make a good video game to film adaptation with hundred million dollar budgets, yet lesser known directors seem to have found a way to hit the nail on the head with short films. Last year there was the mysterious Mortal Kombat short that appeared on YouTube with no details besides the description “PLAY IN HD AND TURN UP YOUR SPEAKERS!” and some famous actors such as Michael Jai White playing Capt. Jackson Briggs and Jeri Ryan playing Sonya Blade. The short was such a huge success on the Internet that it had many demanding a full-length movie and turned into a web series.

Now in similar fashion, director Dan Trachtenberg, who has only directed commercials and an unknown low-budget horror film called More Than You Can Chew, has put a short film based on the popular Portal video game series on YouTube with an actress who looks a lot like Maggie Q playing Chell and no other details besides the description “Recommend viewing in HD in FULLSCREEN with sound UP…” Check out the amazing Portal: No Escape short film below and make sure to do as Trachtenberg says by watching it in HD in fullscreen with the sound up.