New Gears of War 2 Singleplayer and Multiplayer

Expect More Gears Content This Summer

May 6, 2009 by

Epic has just announced that on July 28, 2009 they will be releasing the “All Fronts Collection” for Gears of War 2. The collection will include every map pack already released (Flashback, Combustible and Snowblind) plus seven new maps in the new “Dark Corners” map pack.

There will also be a new single player campaign called “Road to Ruin” that introduces the ability to stealth.

The “All Fronts Collection” will cost $19.99 which is a great deal if you have yet to purchase any of the map packs so far, however loyal fans who have already purchased the previous map packs are getting the shaft as there is no cheaper option to just buy the Dark Corners map pack by itself.